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What is the Difference between Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY (SSDI) is a program where qualifying individuals who have a disease, condition or disability that limits or prevents them from substantial gainful employment, can receive monetary compensation through the Social Security Administration. The qualifying individual must have paid into the Social Security system (FICA) during a specified time period.

SSD provides cash benefits on a monthly basis for persons who are totally disabled. In most cases you must be suffering from a condition that has or is expected to prevent you from being employed for at least (12) twelve months or a condition that will result in your death.

SUPPLEMENTAL SECURITY INCOME (SSI) is an income based program designed to help low-income families and individuals. SSI is a federal progam for those who were without employment for five years. You must still be found disabled according to the Social Security guidelines but since it is income based, even if you or your child are able to work, you may be eligible.

Obtaining Social Security benefits can be a complicated and confusing process and many times your initial claim will be denied. Whatever your disability, wherever you live, I can help you obtain the money you are entitled to. If there is any possible way to win your case, I will work hard to find it.

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