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Client Testimonials

Client testimonials

Mr. Rubin is wonderful. He got my SSD very quickly.. I have arthritis and bulging discs in my back and have not worked in 15 months. It has been very difficult both emotionally and physically. Mr Rubin understood me and councilled me in manner that I could only call professional. I would highly recommend him.

— B.P.

Mr Rubin did a lot of work researching my past medical history. He found old information from hospitals that really helped my case. His hard work in research won my appeal. I would recommend him and have already to several other residents.

— T.A.

Scott did and excellect job. I had a lot of mental issues prior and worried constantly about my case. There was some much paper work that I did not understand that Scott and his staff helped me with. The day of the hearing Scott was excellent and got me approved. I still have a lot of anxiety but least I have my benefits.

— D.C.

If you need an attorney who does what it takes to win your case with his experience and knowledge of the Social Security laws, Scott Rubin is the man you're looking for. He won my case in June 2013 with persistence and confidence. If you have any doubts about your case, I would recommend that you call Scott Rubin for legal guidance.

— K.P.

I had a case that Mr. Rubin helped me to win. He and his staff were knowledgeable and extremely helpful. He made me feel very comfortable at his office. He returned my phone calls promptly and the day of my hearing set me at ease. He made me feel like I was the only client he had. Thank you for all of your help Mr. Rubin and staff you are all very good at your jobs. I recommend this firm to anyone need a social security lawyer.

— T.G.

I feel that Mr.Badame did a great job in guiding me to a successful outcome in my Appeal Case. Along with thorough preparation, I also believe his patience and understanding helped me deal with my nervousness prior to the "Hearing"date. . I certainly would recommend Mr. Badame to anyone needing assistance with Social Security Disability.

— G.L.

I have been a client of Paul Badame's for over 5 years. I have been very satisfied with Paul's advice through a very difficult custody situation. It is unfortunately ongoing, and I trust Paul to give me objective perspective. He's very responsive, attentive and professional.

— J.M.

My neighbor suggested that I see Mr. Badame and I'm so happy that I came to him. I'm sure my case was hard to handle do to my young age but Mr. Badame was not going to let that stand in the way. Back in 2012 I came to Mr. Badame with my case that I've been struggling with for awhile. I felt like no one knew how to help me or they just didn't want to help me and the reason was my age. Mr. Badame fault for me and made sure I always had the proper paper work I needed. He made sure to always return your phone calls or respond back to emails. Months later after my case was over I still had questions and contacted Mr. Badame and sure enough he was still very eager to help in any way. I would highly recommend Rubin & Badame Attorneys At Law to anyone and everyone.

— M.A.

Mr Rubin changed my life. He was there for me every step of the way.

— M.P.

Applying for Social Security Disability was a totally stressful experience but the end result was positive. Mr. Rubin had what it takes to get the job done!

— M.B.

Both Mr. Rubin and Mr. Badame helped me get approved. They were very good and personable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of help getting Social Security Disability!

— C.A.

Mr. Rubin changed our lives. It took over 3 years to get approved and he was always there through all the ups and downs. I am very grateful for his work and would recommend him.

— J.K.

This was a totally stressful experience but the end result was positive. Mr Rubin had what it takes to get me approved. I would recommend Mr. Rubin highly.

— M.B.

Both Mr Rubin and Mr. Badame helped get me approved. They were very good and personable. I would definitely recommend them to help anyone with Social Security Disability benefits.

— C.A.

Mr. Badame is a genuine client advocate. Through a highly stressful and exhausting situation, he maintained open channels of communications with me. He is professional, It is evident that he has worked diligently to fight for my rights and to win my case. He should be very proud of his accomplishments and his dedication to the task at hand. The community will be in capable and honest hands with such a tenacious and respectful attorney as Mr. Badame. I would highly recommend his services. He has helped me tremendously in this next stage of my life.

— B.M.

Mr. Rubin was very good. He did a lot to get my case approved. I would recommend him for anyone who needs help with Social Security Disability.

— L.H.

My pops had diabetes and leg and toe amputations. He was severely depressed. We contacted Mr. Rubin and he changed our lives. He was able to get him social security disability. Our family is so grateful for Mr. Rubin helping us and can’t thank him enough. I would recommend him to anyone!

— S.H.